Create Your Own Character!

We are excited to announce that we have been able to work with Adobe’s Mixamo Fuse software to create custom characters that we are able to seamlessly integrate into Dead Realm. It is not a complete solution for in-game character generation, but we think it’s an exciting alternative that allows you to play around in creating your own custom characters. After you have created a character, you’re able to go into the Dead Realm game and submit it to our team. We will do our best to review all character received and we may include some of the really cool ones we find. Please watch the video and read the instructions below and have fun!!

How to create your own character – A 3 Step Process

  1. Create a free Adobe account and download the Mixamo Fuse Character software from Adobe here: Adobe’s Mixamo Fuse Character Creator
  2. Create your character inĀ Fuse
    1. Choose a body style andĀ Customize your character
    2. Save your character as a “.FUSE” file
    3. Launch your Dead Realm game and submit your character in the bottom right hand corner.

We hope you have fun!